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This is a lifetime journey in the world of education defined as “what is left of a person after everything else is forgotten”.  It is said that people without vision perish, I seek my freedom in education for it is the sole avenue for emancipation and evolution of mankind, I believe.  As the world change, people need to adapt, and my way to adapt is through education that can equip me and prepare me to respond positively to the technological and innovative evolution of the world.  I find my extension in Instructional Design and Technology I am both excited about and novice at.  I hope and believe that by the time I finish with my MS in IDT:  Online Learning, I will be on my way to celebrate my independence. http://www.elearninglearning.com/

I am a seeker, a darer, an experimenter, and a helper in time of need.  As a teacher, by profession, I have passion in teaching Mathematics, and I need to grow professionally and innovatively to give a new face to my delivery, and be more marketable and contribute more to the society in this ever- changing world.  Scholars, welcome to the world of Instructional Design and Technology.  http://carbon.ucdenver.edu/~mryder/itc_data/idmodels.html

I believe, education is tainted with philosophy that determines each individual’s life; and I would like to submit that the diametrically opposite choices between Aristotelian philosophy and Platonic philosophy, I read on Learning Theories, profoundly affect every individual and society.  One of the Chinese proverbs states that ” may we live in interesting time”, and I think we are really living in more than interesting times, as we evolve in the world of increased knowledge and advanced technology, and interact in the global market.  I subscribe to Aristotelian philosophy, which is the intellectual basis of rational decision making for success in life and could be considered as the fundamentals of constructivism.  Unlike Dewey’s suggestions based on Plato’s philosophy, about studying mathematics and science at the age of 20 (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philosophy_of_education – Plato), I believe in fundamental knowledge such as reading, writing, mathematics, and science.  I have reserve for the philosophy that promotes the concept that children can be educated by allowing them to follow their mental fantasies; what happens is that the teacher merely follows where the child’s feelings may lead; this I term dishonesty and laziness.  A teacher’s role consists of providing the child with objective knowledge through systematic input of integrated facts and information.  I would like to submit that Dewey’s approach, based on Platonic philosophy, provides the basis of public education today.



The e-learning, at Walden University, based on various discussions with Dr Michelle Lucia, suggest an Aristotelian educational approach, which provides the tools that every person needs to develop the knowledge necessary for guiding his/her life to unlimited prosperity and everlasting happiness.  And to me Aristotelian philosophy of education forms the basis for free-enterprise capitalism.  Except for free-enterprise capitalism, all political systems including democracy (a tyranny by the majority) require deception to exist.  Thus, all those political “ism” and destructive religious systems impede on value production and are harmful to human beings.  Only free-enterprise capitalism is based entirely on voluntary free choice, is consistent with the nature of conscious beings, is moral and just and, thus it is beneficial to all conscious beings, as it offers freedom to everyone by rejecting all mysticism, racism, initiatory force, and fraud.  This is the kind of education we need to live in these interesting times.   http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/history/aristotle.htmlhttp://mym.cdn.laureate-media.com/Walden/EDUC/6115/01/mm/tec_timeline.html

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